The Mount Eagle Collection

Dingle Crystal is proud to reveal the Mount Eagle collection, celebrating twenty years as a family business in Dingle and the woman who made it all possible. Liz, Sean’s wife, and mother to their five children, was a remarkable woman. She was the pioneer, the driving force and the inspiration behind Dingle Crystal. But she was so much more than a muse, she was a go-getter, whose entrepreneurial spirit and determination drove the business forward through tough times to be the thriving success it is today.

Liz believed in Sean and his craft and saw the West of Ireland as the perfect place for them to continue a proud tradition of high-quality, hand-cut crystal in a new and exciting location.

The West’s sense of freedom and the beauty of the landscape had always captured her attention. It first drew the Dalys for regular family holidays, and it was Liz’s idea to move to Dingle to create a new business in 1999. It was a daunting challenge, fraught with risk for a young family, and it couldn’t have happened without Liz’s vision, drive and passion.

For the first time ever, Sean and his five children have collaborated to create a new pattern to celebrate Liz, her memory and the positivity she brought to their world. The feather-like pattern is inspired by one of Liz’s tattoos and combines age-old techniques and craftsmanship with a very different, contemporary design. It takes its name from the nearby Mount Eagle, the most south-westerly point on the Dingle peninsula and somewhere Liz loved to spend time.

She would have been proud to see her husband and children working together on this project. It represents the hopes and dreams she had for the family, and Dingle Crystal, over twenty years ago.

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